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What’s Not Here – Rumi

Litière de tremble

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I start out on this road, call it
love or emptiness. I only know what’s

not here: resentment seeds, back-
scratching greed, worrying about out-

come, fear of people. When a bird gets
free, it doesn’t go back for remnants

left on the bottom of the cage! Close
by, I’m rain. Far off, a cloud of fire.

I seem restless, but I am deeply at ease.
Branches tremble; the roots are still.

I am a universe in a handful of dirt,
whole when totally demolished. Talk

about choices does not apply to me.
While intelligence considers options,

I am somewhere lost in the wind.

– Excerpt from Rumi THE GLANCE Songs of Soul Meeting translated by Coleman Barks


The Climb

Mountain Path. On the ascent of the Corbett Sg...

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Standing at the top of the rock
Unknown Gods
How can I reach you?
Can I walk to the place
No Mortal has trod?
Though so many paths
Lead to grace
How do I find
The one to embrace?
Which path do I plod?

Follow knowledge,
Nature and Truth,
Let these be your guide.
Learn to be patient
In your youth,
And keep your eyes open wide.
Your path will be a personal one,
Each step forward
Will be hard-won.
Don’t quit untried.

Stone by stone
I travel upward.
Gods help me!
I fear the journey
will be too hard
And that the climb
Will leave me empty.
Gods, please take me
By the hand and
Guide me through
Your earthly land
I pray to thee.

We can’t make
The journey for you.
Go alone, for now.
The things you learn,
The things you do
Are lessons
To show you how
To be happy
Brave and wise
For it’s on these wings
You will rise.
This we avow!

I climb the rock
Of many way
Toiling upward
To the land where
The Divine lays.
Shining Ones
be my guard.
Though I have
No wings for flight
I have the strength
Of Will to fight
Ever upward.

-Erin {Kestrel} (1999)