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There is no fear, until we make it up.

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I sing in my soul of a better way,
A way free from anger and fear.

“Let go…Let Go…”
A voice in my head cries.
“No,” I answer, “I’m afraid.”
Lightning crashes.  The rains begin.

“Let go…Let go….”
A great river overflows its banks,
What will be destroyed in the flood?
The receding waters bring life and renewal.

I sing in my soul of the welcome storm,
And the water that washes all away.

“Let go….Let go…”
“No,” I answer, “I’m afraid.”
I cling to the safety of what I know.
Below me, the great chasm opens.

“Let go…Let go…”
A young bird clings to a branch.
He, too, is afraid of falling.
Falling, he learns to fly.

I sing in my soul of the freedom of flight,
And dreams carried on the wind.

“Let go…Let go…”
“Yes,” I answer. “Yes.”

I sing in my soul of the lighting and the flood,
Of the fear and of the fall,
Of endings and beginnings.

“Let go…Let go…”
Nothing here remains.

— Erin {Kestrel} (2002)