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The Otherworld

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There are two worlds.  These are not the worlds of the living and the dead, but the material world and the world of ideas.  They are not separate, but interact with each-other.  Ideas create reality and reality creates ideas.  The material world can be investigated and explored through scientific means, but the Otherworld cannot.  It is the world of dreams, visions, fantasy, fiction, imagination, visualization, and inspiration. Its reality is not literal, but metaphorical, as are its truths. In a sense, these metaphorical truths are more real than reality because they have multivalent meanings — they come closer to the divine.  Our society establishes a clear boundary between reality and fantasy, and values the former over the latter. The boundary, however, can be crossed.  We can enter into the Otherworld and bring a piece of it back into the material world.  This is the essence of magic, the key to creativity.