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The Story of Pilot Butte Creek

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Medicine Walk


Tipi on the South Saskatchewan river, south of Saskatoon. Photo by Erin {Kestrel}, June 2011.

I want to honour one of the oldest things we have, which is our four directions.  We seek knowledge from those four directions. We get Power from those four directions.  They pull stuff into our lives.  When we call out to them in prayer, they will bring things to us.  The four directions came with creation.  We didn’t.  We were the last thing created.”
– female Elder from the Anishnabe Nation



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The Urban Forest

Regina streetscape

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I love the trees here.  They’re so friendly.  I’ve been in forests up north where the trees are foreboding.  Watching wearily like wolves.  Reminding you that you are an intruder in this place.  A noisy nuisance at best.

But here, in the city, the trees are friendly.  I think it’s because we have domesticated them.  Wild trees don’t grow here.  So we grow them from seeds, plant them by hand, support them with steaks to protect them from the prairie wind.  We water them, band them, spray them, prune them.  They are dependent on us.  They greet us with lolling leaves and happily wag their branches as we pass.

And we are happy to have them, too.  We say we need them for shade, for windbreak, to beautify the urban landscape.  But really, I think we need them for company.  They make us feel less lonely.  They are an oasis, protecting us from the vast emptiness that surrounds us.

How do you grow a prairie town? – Robert Kroetsch

attack of the ground squirels

Image by chrisad1973 via Flickr

How do you grow a prairie town?

The gopher was the model.
Stand up straight:
telephone poles
grain elevators
church steeples.
Vanish suddenly: the
gopher was the model.

Robert Kroetsch, Seed Catalogue (1977)

The gopher responds to the groundhog

Exhibiting territorial behavior

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You say it’s going to be an early spring?
I know it’s your job, you’re just doing your thing,
But it’s not right being outside today,
It’s far too cold, I have to say.
There’s no way spring’s coming early this year,
You’re just going to have wait, I fear.
I know it’s hard admitting you’re wrong
But your previous predictions haven’t been too strong.
I’m staying inside below the snow
Wake me up in another six weeks or so.

– Erin {Kestrel}