Prairie Pagan is an experiment in using mythology, poetry, photography, ritual and art to explore the spirit of the Northern Great Plains.


On this site, Prairie refers to the Northern Great Plains.  An area of grassland that includes southern Alberta, southern Saskatchewan, south-western Manitoba, eastern Montana and North Dakota.   This site will explore the landscape, environment, plants, animals and human culture of this area.


The term “pagan” was deliberately chosen because of its ambiguity.  It is generally used to refer to polytheistic religious traditions.  It can be used to refer to: someone who is not Christian, Jewish or Muslim; ancient pre-Christian religions in Europe; Eastern religions; Indigenous religions; folk religions;  any religious beliefs you don’t like (as a pejorative term); neo-pagan religions such as Wicca, Druidry, and Ásatrú; atheists/agnostics/humanists; hedonists.  We may explore some or all of these ideas on this site.

You might be a Prairie Pagan and not even know it.  Join us and find out….

Comment Policy

Prairie Pagan welcomes your comments.  Since we may sometimes deal with controversial subject matter, please keep the following guidelines in mind when posting:

  1. Be nice.  Avoid personal attacks, name calling, aggression, etc.
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  5. Posts deemed ‘offensive’ based on any of the above criteria will be deleted, and repeat offenders may be banned.


Would you like to contribute to Prairie Pagan?  We accept original poetry, stories, myths, photos, art, music, videos, thoughts, rituals, etc.

Please fill out the contact form and include a rough outline of what you would like to contribute and hit ‘submit’.  This will send a private email to Prairie Pagan (it will not be visible as a public comment). You’ll receive an email response  with details on how to submit your contribution.