Pan Narrans

Vitruvian Man, Gallerie dell'Accademia, Venice

Image via Wikipedia

Jim Tait contributed this poem to Prairie Pagan.

Pan Narrans

‘Tis clever, using what we have at hand
to get ourselves what we and ours desire.
‘Tis wisdom, taking time to understand
our lusts and dreams and what these both require.

Our spirits tell us we are life inspired-
set up above the crawling beasts, we claim.
No heights for us to climb or to aspire.
“Wise human” is already in our name.

Our factions show us to be apes untamed.
Our stories tell us of our human race.
We run together, scattered, to our aim,
and live our stories out in time and space.

We clever apes may say that we are wise,
then use this tale to help achieve our lies.

— Jim Tait (2011)


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